Remember when we were kids and saw our friends all the time?

How often do you hangout with your friends now?

It's time we play a little more.

This app will make seeing friends even easier. First, the user will sign up and sync his/her contacts and calendars. This can also be added to or changed in the settings section of the app.


Minimal design on the homepage allows the user to move through the app without a lot of hesitation. Life is already busy enough and playdate was made to enhance life, not make it harder.

An alert icon at the top right corner allows the user to see who wants to play and also allows the user to directly communicate with friends in the app.

Click on the date to open the personal calendar. From here the user can see the events he/she has going on, synced from the calendar apps already in use, so planning a playdate is even easier.

If the user already knows his/her schedule, select Create a playdate to begin inviting friends.

Once the playdate is created, slide through the contacts to see who’s available on the date and time that has been selected. Friends who are not available will be shown at a lower opacity.

After selecting friends to invite, hit Send! and they’ll receive a playdate!

No more, never seeing friends. No more, wondering when friends are available.

Playdate is the newest way to plan social calendars.

Recieve notifications that are helpful reminders with who has accepted playdates, or suggestions of friends the user hasn’t played with in a while.

Open the notification to directly send a playdate or open the app and search for a friend. 

To view a friend’s schedule, open the navigation* and select Friends.

*This is where the user will find other helpful tools to make playdates even easier.

After selecting a day that works, plan the playdate!

It can be a 15 minute playdate or a 3 day playdate. Whatever fits into both schedules.

Find a friend to compare schedules with and if there’s more than one friend, select them all.

Haven’t seen Brett in a while? Check his schedule and create a playdate!

Choose a day that Brett has available and start creating a playdate!

Days where the user and Brett are super busy will be grayed out for easy planning.

It doesn’t matter how long we play for. Just as long as we play more.