Question: How can sharing stories connect and inspire people to create happiness within their lives?

This thesis project started with wanting to create more happiness for people in the form of a book. However, further into the project I chose to create a website because it would reach more people and is more accessible. *This website is an on-going project and continues to grow.

The goal of the project never changed, I wanted us all to share our hard times that we have had to overcome or to acknowledge the difficult times we are facing now. By sharing these stories with one another, could this be a way to feel more connected while also creating encouragment for those who need it? No one is alone when going through hard times. 

I might not be able to create instant happiness in people’s lives, but when people share stories with one another they feel more connected and less alone which is one step closer to happiness.

*When furthing this project, I would like to include a space of knowledge and research for people to reference.

I will create a book that tells the stories of people and how they find happiness on a daily level or times when they have been faced with struggles. The book will also discuss research that has been compiled on the topic of happiness and everyday emotions.

Today, millennials are amongst the highest age group dealing with depression. Studies show that a lot of this is due to stress with school and work. Millennials feel like they don’t have enough time for hobbies they enjoy.

While interviewing people for my book, I will reconnect those being interviewed to happy moments in their life. I will do this while also telling their story so others can feel connected to those around them and understand that everyone goes through difficult times and how those people have overcome those times to find happiness.

Research has shown that people who feel present in their daily lives are likely to be happier than those who do not feel present.

When people are feeling stressed or overwhelmed with their lives, it can be hard to remain present. Through sharing the stories of others, I hope those reading choose to remember certain times in their life where they can relate to the stories being shared, and read how others found happiness in those instances.

I hope this project helps people within their daily lives become more present and connected with others even if they are trying to overcome difficult times. Knowing that others have been through similar situations will encourage them to overcome whatever it is they may be going through.

To connect people with one another through stories.

To create encouragement for those trying to overcome difficult times.

To engage people with their emotions so they can understand what they can do to change them.

Readers will feel a connection with the people being interviewed. They will read the stories of others and remember similar moments in their lives. Through reading the stories, readers will reflect on their emotions and feel a connection with those whom are sharing.
This project will have a positive tone, even if not all the stories leave on a positive note, because it will be inspiring to those who have had similar circumstances or life events. I don’t want this to feel like a cheesy “Here’s How To Be Happy,” or “Ways To Increase Your Happiness.”

I want to subtly show how others find happiness when facing difficult times, and show research dealing with the brain and happiness so it is more of a learning and engaging book rather than a “How To.”

I will design a book that allows people to connect with one another which hopefully helps readers when they find themselves in difficult times.

I also hope those telling their stories will feel a sense of achievement in remembering the difficult times in their life that they have had to overcome or are currently overcoming.