Waking up early is already hard enough. Waking up before the sun rises is even harder.

This app and product concept eliminates the dreaded feeling of waking up in the morning because as long as our window tells us it's light outside, we'll believe it.

Aurora is a filtered window that can be controlled through a simple app.

Aurora’s home screen allows the user to speak into the app by holding down the speaker.

“Aurora, turn on my
morning wake up.”

Aurora will prompt the user to the alarm screen and show that the alarm has been set.

If there is no set alarm yet, the user can add an alarm and select which window experience he/she would like to have. The user can also choose between 5 wake up sounds to accompany the wake up experience.

Never wake up to darkness again.

Waking up will be the same at 5:00 AM as it is at 10:00 AM.

With many features, Aurora has the ability to change the windows of any room which changes the experience.

Day/Night feature allows the user to brighten or dim the windows.

Sync feature let’s the user connect to different music and movie watching apps such as Netflix, Spotify, and Pandora. 

Moods feature
has a variety of curated gradients in order to capture the mood the user would like to create.